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Arnor Population (xls)

Hodiri Tribes (pdf)

Laranian Church of Hârn (pdf)

Distances to the horizon on Kethira (pdf)

Harnic population (pdf)

Hurisean population (pdf)

Hurisean settlement list (pdf)

Hurisea population (xls)

Population of Harnic Regions (xls)

Kaldor GDP (pdf)

Kaldor GDP (xls)

Salt production (pdf)

Salt production (xls)

Ivinian population (xls)

Ivinian population (pdf)

Evael population (pdf)

Evael kingdom (xls)

Kuzhan population (pdf)

Azadmere kingdom (xls)

Feeding Azadmere (pdf)

Feeding Azadmere (xls)

Mines of Chybisa (pdf)

Mines of Harn (pdf)

Mines of Harn (xls)

Gondor population (xls)

Midgaad cosmology (pdf)

Bevon Manor (xls)

Bevon Manor (pdf)

Horizon Tables for Kethira (xls)

Horizon Tables for Kethira (pdf)

Shorkyne population (PDF)

Harn Linguistics (pdf)

Harn History (PDF)

Arnor Population (pdf)

Eastern Harnic Forces v2 (PDF)

Eastern Harnic Forces v2 (XLS)

Western Harnic Forces v2 (PDF)

Western Harnic Forces v2 (XLS)

The One Ring – Hero Skills, Attributes and Traits

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